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Zdacomm / TNC Male to N Female , 2 feet 195-Series Jumper
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TNC Male to N Female , 2 feet 195-Series Jumper

TNC Male to N Female , 2 feet 195-Series Jumper

SKU: TNC Male to N Female
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Excel Wireless offers the durable, well built, quality 195 series Jumper, with TNC Male to N Female connector at each end. We typically stock these cables in a multiple of standard length  2 feet . But we also can build the customized length per your requirements.

Additional information

Weight .15 kg
Dimensions 61 × 4 × 4 cm

Data Sheet And STEP File

Click on the 2D drawing below to learn more aboutTNC Male to N Female ,2 feet 195-Series Jumper

PDFTNC Male to N Female , 2 feet 195-Series Jumper drawing

The PDF(s) above require Adobe Acrobat Reader for proper viewing. If you do not have Acrobat Reader, or would like to upgrade to the newest version, please click here.

Features And Applications


  • 195-series 2 feet coax cable jumper
  • TNC Male to N Female
  • low loss jumper
  • Each jumper is tested Before Packing
  • Customized cable lengths and connector available


  • WLAN Network
  • WiFi Devices
  • Wireless Antenna Pigtail
  • Wireless OEM Applications
  • Wireless Video/Data

Custom connector

Excel wireless can design and manufacture TNC Male to N Female , 195-Series Jumper that provide custom solutions to meet the relevant standards for wireless network applications. Our RF engineers understand the complexity of these systems and can provide the most cost-effective solutions for your specifica applications.

Inquiries are encouraged for standard items as well as custom designed and manufactured products to satisfy your specific applications. We look forward to helping you solve your application challenges! Call us at 803.788-9788 or email us at:Sales@excel-wireless.com


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